Sometimes all you need is a splash of water on your face to freshen up. The simplicity of these activities is so much taken for granted that we never appreciate the fact that it’s still a privilege for some unlike others…

Focus and out of focus

Keep the focus on your target. Don’t let it wonder and you will finally reach your destination. Seeking your attention towards this beautifully ornate tap…

March Madness…

I know it’s very late and it’s not true March Madness anymore. And I am way behind on my schedule posting photos here but nonetheless here we go with the game between Pitt and
Syracuse Orangemen! As usual strategy they came from behind winning the game…

The empty train station

The rush hour, the crowd, the smiles, the talk, the horn of train, it all dies as the day comes to and and what remains is an empty train station. But the light never goes away welcoming the next day, the new start of the same old cycle!

The Wait

Here I wait in my solitude irrespective of snow and thunder, sun or clouds, not bothering, expecting someone to come share their solitude or happiness, alone or together. I keep their secrets, experience their moments of joys and sorrows steadily without loosing my ground, being ready for the next one to come!

Big Apple Circus

While in New York, I was lucky enough to enjoy the big apple circus. Thanks to my brother and nephew for making arrangements. It was a great experience to attend circus after ages! The charm of the joker in a circus never fades.

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