The Bench Story

The beauty lies in the eyes of beholder they say. Same way depending on the mood you are going through for some this bench denotes the mood of loneliness, solitude whereas for some this denotes the opportunity to be at peace connecting with nature in tranquility!

Nature Home

Captured during routine strolls through city roads this nature home captured my eye. Secluded yet close to nature and individual yet part of neighboring homes making it a part of community, I found this nature home perfectly captures of wonders of nature with architectural finesse!

Fantastikal Beauty!

Captured at Bristol Renaissance Faire, fantastikals are brightly colored fae, nymphs, fairies and spirits all embodying and connecting with various elements of nature. They don’t speak and blend themselves with nature in disguise. So what what better way to connect that through corner of their talkative eyes, creating wonder with their smile!

Orchid’s beauty!

The uniqueness of Orchids is its variety of colors. But sometimes while appreciating the colors we tend to forget the beautiful texture Orchid has which becomes prominent only in black and white. I hope you will appreciate the texture as much as you like the colors!

Basilica of the Sacred Heart

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Notre Dame, Indiana, USA, is a Roman Catholic church on the campus of the University of Notre Dame, also serving as the mother church of the Congregation of Holy Cross in the United States